Victoria Grand Kamilla и Victoria Grand Karolina



These female were born in our cattery. They have a huge rosettes.

They live in Sevastopol. Owner Alena Baybakova

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Victoria Grand Belle

belle1This girl was born in our kennel. She is the third generation of the Bengals, born in our cattery.
At Belle huge rosette with black rims and bright clean background. This gorgeous girl with a gentle nature. owner E.Pastuh

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Victoria Grand Royal Charm

charm 1

This boy was born in our cattery. He is the third generation of the Bengals, born in our cattery.

He had a huge receptacle, short wool velour, a beautiful backdrop. Cat with magnificent gentle character.

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He left us with a beautiful offspring in the form of our cats such as Victoria Grand Florida, Victoria Grand Fortuna, Victoria Grand Dorothy, Victoria Grand Ezmeralda.

Currently cat Victoria Grand Royal Charm is a manufacturer in a friendly Bengali cattery in Ufa.

We hope that it will continue its contribution to the development of the Bengal breed.

VictoriaGrand Tessia Of Old Race

Our offsprings Tessia, owner Olga & Sergey Shur, Kharkov, Ukraine




By the end of the WCF 2012 Victoria Grand Tessia of Old Race - Best Bengali kitten Russia 2012